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AC-Mod-Pack is an exclusive mod for DayZ designed to offer server owners a wide range of advanced modules and functions, significantly enhancing the configuration and management of their gaming environments. This mod was developed with the aim of providing a more personalized and efficient experience for server administrators.


Mod file and folder structure


├─ @AC-Mod-Pack

├─ mpmissions
│  └─ dayzOffline.chernarusplus
│     └─ storage_1
│        └─ AC
│           └─ DayZ         // Folder where the mod saves all server item data

└─ profiles
   └─ AC
      ├─ Logs               // Log folder for each module
      ├─ Modules            // Folder where each module saves its data
      ├─ Settings           // Folder where contains all configuration files
      └─ Permissions.json   // Permissions configuration file

Released under the MIT License.